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Warehouse for rent
Warehouse space over 29,970square meters
Warehouse of Saengareeestate. The committed build a warehouse, quality international standards applied with the development of a modern building can be allocated space according to customer requirements meet all demanding applications. Both the industry and transportation.
Space for rent
strategic location
Warehouse for rent space – for our factory to meet the needs of industrial enterprises, small to intermediate and a group logistics required building. We select the location, easy to transport. To reduce transport costs for most of their clients.
Saengaree estate CO.,LTD
“Quality focus Attentive service assured in Saengaree”
We emphasize immovable property. Warehouse for rent – factory to meet the needs of operators in the industry and the logistics required building standards with facilities equipped and managed by a team with quality.

Project of the warehouse

  • Size area: 29,970 square metre number 3 warehouse
  • Space for rent : number 14 unit to 1 warehouse
  • Category: Warehouse – Point product distribution
Building features

Rolling shutters in-out wide front 10 metre high 4.50 metre

The focus on service

  • Traffic/road : wide concrete road 12.00 m
  • Parking/unloading of goods :parking 546 cars
  • Toliet : in the building each unit have a storage room
  • Landscape : look so beautiful and shady

Security high

  • Security: security 24 hours
  • camera: CCTV 24 hours
  • Fire protection system : fire equipment in full accordance with international standards


  • Electrical system : size 30 Amp (3 fes 4 line)
  • Plumbing systems : adequate supply system Supports large community
  • Phone/Communication : line direct lots of ready link to lines systems
Maintenance : A team can repair work from small to large jobs efficiently

Management insect / pest control : a team that specializes in pest control .

Ease of travel

  • Kanchanaphisek Road ( Highway No.9 )
  • Lumlukka Road
  • Rangsit – Nakhon Nayok Road
  • Vibhavadi Rangsit Road
  • Northern railway and north east line
  • Donmuang airport

Other service

  • Gas station – PPT / LPG
  • seven-eleven – service 24 hours
  • Coffee shop Amazon – Open service everyday time 06.00 – 20.00 PM.


Rural Highway PT.3004 (Lumlukka – Thunyaburi road) Approximately 8 km outboound side away from the Lumlukka road for about 2.5 km. Buengkhamphori Lumlukka Pathumthani

“Quality focus Attentive service assured in Saengaree”