Customers target of the project

Customers target of the project
The survey of market information.Guidelines for development projects to be developed to accommodate customer warehouse.development project building warehouse.As the business continues to come from the industry.That is Demand for warehouse buildings will be affected.Due to the various factories producing goods that require storage awaiting distribution or transportation to the consumer. If industrial production grew.Demand for warehouse will be expanded as well.The project location is connected to a different region.

Target customers will have a customer base from various can be categorized as follows.

1.Business customers SME

want to rent a small warehouse space.not much space to rent.

2.Customers just starting business 

These customers may not have much capital to invest in building warehouse due to the relatively high cost

3.Customers who want to use as a point distribution

Big companies that want to use as a point distribution

4.Customers is industrial entrepreneurs

Factory are many Particular near industrial area Kadi.Which will be targeted customers that has not enough storage space.and increase the demand for warehouse space.