Potential of the project

Featured of the project
1.The project is located next to the main road.make the project look outstanding and easily obsrved.

2.in-out projects with ease in transporting goods by large trucks can access the project area.

3.The new project was able to attract customers as well.If the project can meet some of the other projects,it can also increase the selling point to differentiate them.

4.The location is ideal for Distribution center (DC) which can be linked to facilitate the regional: north,north central and west

5.The company has designed buildings expandable-the area to respond to the future needs of their clients.The size of a warehouse of 550 sq.m. or more

6.With the availability of utilities and facilities better than other projects.

Opportunities for industry growth
1.There are opportunities to expand the industry.To support a satellite town of the country.Pathumthani province in the Bangkok metropolitan area contact with a distance of 25 km. from the capital of the province is a great opportunity to develop,Pathumthani.is ready to support the growth of the industry by virtue of its distance from the capital. You can attract investors to expand investment opportunities in the industry.

2. Direction of country by the national economic and social development plan. The government’s stimulus policies such as stimulate industry there may be good for the industry and other business continuity.

3. The country’s economy is in Recovery Period.Resulting the country’s industry is expanding.The rate of expansion of the capacity of the sector soared.which means demand will rise in the warehouse industry,as well.